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Ranadive Rucha R., and L.G. Burange, Exchange Rate Volatility and Effectiveness of Intervention in India, UDE 48/03/2014.
Hatekar, Neeraj, S. Kulkarni and P. Mehta, Culture, Community and Institutions: Voluntary Provision of Public Goods in Maharashtra, UDE47/02/2014.
Thakur P. and Burange L. G.,  Productivity Spillovers form Foreign Direct Investment in the Manufacturing Sector of India, UDE46/01/2014.
Masarguppi A. and M. Karne Inter-State Disparities in Economic Growth in India: Some Policy Implications for Laggard States, UDE45/11/2013.
Ranadive Ruch R., Burange L. G., The Determinants of India's Real Exchange Rate: An ARDL Approach, UDE 44/09/2013
Hatekar, N. and S. Raju, Inequality, Income Distribution and Growth in Maharshtra in the 2000s, UDE 43/02/2013.
Kulkarni S. and N. Hatekar, Stereotypical Occupational Segregation & Gender Inequality: An Experimental Study, UDE 42/12/ 2012.
Burange L. G. and P. Thakur, An Enquiry in to the Employment of the Organised Sector in India, UDE41/4/2012. August 2012.
Hatekar N., S. Kulkarni and R. D'Souza, Experimental Investigation of Pro-Social Preferences, UDE 40/03/2012.
Raju Swati, State Fiscal Capacity and Tax Effort: Evidence for Indian States, UDE39/2/2012.
Correa Romar, Berge-Bascharach-Schelling Play, UDE38/1/2012.
Burange L.G., Rucha R. Ranadive, Indian Currency, Exchange Rate Regime and Policy: A Retrospective View, UDE 37/12/2011
 Burange L.G., Rucha R. Ranadive, The Evolution of Exchange Rate Regimes A Review, UDE 36/09/2011

Sharma A., Abodh Kumar and N. Hatekar, "Causality between Prices, Output and Money in India: An Empirical Investigation in the Frequency Domain" UDE 35/2/2011

Burange L. G.,Yamini. Shruti, A Review of India's Industrial Policy and Performance, UDE 34/1/2011

Burange L. G.,Yamini. Shruti, The Performance of Indian Iron and Steel Industry and Competitiveness of the Firms, UDE33/2/2010

Correa Romar, Open-Economy Dynamics in a Stock-Flow-Consistent Model UDE 32/1/2010

Burange L. G.,Sheetal J. Chaddha, Poonam Kapoor, India's Trade in Services, UDE31/3/2009

Correa Romar, Loanable funds, Liquidity Preference: Structure, Past and Present, UDE 30/2/2009

Raju Swati Analyzing the Fiscal Stance of State Governments in India: Evidence from Fourteen Major States, UDE 29/1/2009

Burange L. G., Chaddha, Sheetal .J; India's Revealed Comparative Advantage In Merchandise Trade, UDE 28/6/2008

Correa Romar, Mathematical Foci, UDE 27/5/2008

Correa Romar,Heterodox Macroeconomics And The Design Of Monetary Institutions, WP UDE 26/4/2008

Burange L. G.,Yamini. Shruti Performance Of Indian Cement Industry: The Competitive Landscape, WP UDE(CAS)25/(9)/3/2008

Burange L. G., Chaddha, Sheetal .J; Growth In India's Intra-Idustry Trade WP UDE 24/2/2008

Burange L.G., Yamini Shruti; Competitiveness Of Firms In Indian Automobile Industry, WP UDE (CAS) 23/ (8)/1/2008

Raju Swati, Examining Sustainability Of State Level Deficits In India, WP UDE 22/2/2007
Correa Romar,Stability Through Financial Embedding, UDE 20/3/2006
Correa Romar, Loans Make Deposits Make..., UDE/19/2/2006
Hatekar Neeraj; Mathur R. and Rege P., Do Laws With Weak Penal Provisions Work? Assessing The Effectiveness Of The Child Marriage Restraint Act (1929), UDE 18/1/2006
Correa Romar, On Sraffa's q-System, WP UDE 17/1/2005

Raju Swati, Government Expenditures And Receipts: A Causality Analysis For India, WP UDE 16/4/2004

Hatekar Neeraj, Does The Market Matter? Economic History Of An Indian Region In A Non-Eurocentric View, WP UDE 15/3/2004

Burange L.G., Energy And Labour Use In The Organised Manufacturing Sector Of Maharashtra, WP
UDE 14/2/2004
Dewan Ritu, Gender, Poverty And Development: Gender Sensitive Budgeting And Other Best Practices,
WP UDE 13/1/2004
Kamdar, Sangita And Basak, Asoke, Beyond The Human Development Index: Preliminary Notes On Deprivation And Inequality, WP UDE 12/8/2003
Dandge R.G. and Pawar, Arun, Agriculture In Maharashtra: Emerging Issues And Challenges, WP UDE
Karne Manisha And Venkatesh, Anand, Analysis Of Productivity And Efficiency In MSRTC, WP UDE 10/6/2003
Patel Vibhuti, Women In The Economy Of Maharashtra, WP UDE 9/5/2000
Correa Romar, Manager, Worker, Rentier And Government: Markov And Non-Markovian Play, WP UDE 8/4/2003

Hatekar Neeraj And Rode, Sanjay, Quietly They Die: A Study Of Malnourishment Related Deaths In Mumbai, WP 1/2003
Patel Vibhuti, Gender Budget- A Case Study Of India, UDE(CAS)7(7)/2003
Lalvani Mala, Market Preserving Federalism: Where Does The Indian Federation Stand?, UDE (CAS) 6 (6) /2003
Burange L.G., Performance Of Maharashtra's Manufacturing Sector, UDE(CAS)5(5)/2003
Swaminathan A.M., Centre State Resource Allocation In India: A Suggestive Mathematical Approach, UDE(CAS)4(4)/2002
Burange L.G., Growth Of Employment And Output Of Organized Manufacturing Sector In India: An
Interstate Analysis, UDE(CAS)3(3)/2002
Karnik, Ajit; Pethe, Abhay and Karmarkar, Dilip, Devolution Of Funds From State Government To Local Bodies: A Quantitative Approach, UDE(CAS)2(2)/2002
Rao M.J.M., Deficits And Rules: Some Guidelines For The Conduct Of Fiscal Policy Over The Business Cycle, UDE(CAS)1(1)/2002
Burange L. G.,Import Intensity In The Registered Manufacturing Sector Of India, UDE (GE) 6(3)/2000
Raju Swati, The Cost Of Financial Repression: Impact On Savings, Investment And Growth For India, 1971-1995, WP 99/4
Lakshmi R., Linkages between Foreign Direct Investment And Growth: An Indian Case, WP 99/3
Correa Romar, Time Consistency, WP 99/2
Prabhu Seeta K. and Kamdar, Sangita, Maharashtra's Social Sectors: Growth Without Human Development, WP 99/1
Rao M.J.M., On Some Unpleasant Monetarist Arithmetic, WP 98/3
Sawant S.D.; Kulkarni B.N.; Achuthan C.V. and Satyasai K.J.S., Agricultural Development In Maharashtra: Highlights Of Growth Patterns And Policy Implications, WP 98/2
Burange L.G., Industrial Growth And Structure: An Analysis Of The Manufacturing Sector In
Maharashtra, WP 98/1
Rao M.J.M., Liberalization With Stabilization, WP 97/16
Karnik Ajit, Development Strategy Initiated During The 2nd Five Year Plan: A Critical Review, WP 97/15
McGregor Patrick, Wage Inequality: The Role Of Technical Change, WP 96/14
Nachane D.M. and Ranade, Prasad, India's Trade Balance In The Eighties: An Econometric Analysis, WP 96/13
D'Souza Errol, The Effectiveness Of Fiscal Policy With A Tax Mix, WP 96/12
Karnik Ajit, Theories Of State Intervention, WP 96/11
Sandesara J.C., Industrial Reforms In India: Experience And Prospects, WP 96/10
Correa Romar, Financial Policy Co-ordination In A Keynesian Framework, WP 96/9
Prabhu Seeta K., Promotional And Protective Social Security During Economic Reform: A Study Of Two Indian states, WP 96/8
Nachane D.M. and Lakshmi, R., Regional Trading Blocs And Their Implications For The Indian Economy, WP 96/7
Burange L.G., A Programme For Full Capacity Utilization In The Indian Manufacturing Sector, WP 96/6
Nachane D.M., A Modified Hannan Inefficient Procedure For Causal Systems, WP 96/5
Rao M.J.M., Does Chaos Imply Control? A Reaction To The Lucas Critique, WP 95/4
Hatekar Neeraj, Farmers And Rulers: State Intervention In The 19th Century Deccan Country Side, WP 95/3
Rao M.J.M., Chaotic Economic Dynamics And The Business Cycle, WP 95/2

Nachane D.M., Spectral Analysis Of Non-Stationary Time Series, WP 95/1

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