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Vibhooti Shukla Unit in Urban Economics and Regional Development - Working Papers

Pethe, Abhay, La Forza Or The Force: Swoting India In A Global Context, WP No. 35
Pethe, Abhay, Financing The Panchayati Raj Institutions: Flagging Some Issues For The 13th CFC, WP No. 34
Swaminathan, A.M., Infrastructure Investment And Regional Economic Growth: A Case Study Of Maharashtra, WP No. 33
Mala Lalvani* Kumudini S. Hajra Brijesh Pazhayathodi  Introducing Expenditure Quality in Intergovernmental Transfers: A Triple-E Framework, WP No. 32
Abhay Pethe, B.M. Misra and Rakhe. P.B.  :STRENGTHENING DECENTRALIZATION - Augmenting the Consolidated Fund of the states by th Thirteenth Finacnce Commission: A NORMATIVE APPROACH, WP
NO 31
Pethe, Abhay, Aide Memoire to the 13th Finance Commmission on Devolution of Funds, WP No.30
Swaminathan, A.M.,Methods For Generation Of A Regional Input Output Table For The State Of Maharashtra: A Comparative Analysis, WP No. 29
Pethe, Abhay and Lalvani, Mala, Finances Of Panchayati Raj Institutions: A Simple Story But A Messy Plot, WP No. 28
Pethe, Abhay, Issues For The 13TH Finance Commission: Welcome To The Grey World Of Trade Offs!, WP No. 27
Pethe, Abhay, Some Essays On Higher Education In India, WP No.26
Pethe, Abhay and Lalvani, Mala, A Report On The Local Government Finances In MMR Region (Study Commissioned By MTSU On Advice Of The World Bank), WP no.25
Pethe, Abhay, On Urban Governance: The Case Of Mumbai, WP No. 24
Ghodke, Manju, Enabling Market Access For Urban Local Bodies In India (Modified Pooled Financing Mechanism,) WP No.23
Vete, Anay, Price Elasticity Of Electricity: The Case Of Urban Maharashtra, WP No. 22
Lalvani, Mala, Sugar Co-Operatives In Maharashtra: A Political Economy Perspective, WP No.21
Pethe, Abhay, Preface, Analysis And Conclusion (MUMBAI VISION 2015), WP No. 20

Pethe, Abhay, Culture, Computation, Consciousness And The Rational Economic Person: A Methodological Foray (An Essay in Honor of Professor Ranganath Bharadwaj), WP No. 19

Pethe, Abhay and Lalvani, Mala, Analyze This:Deciphering The Code Of ‘Mumbai’ Budgets, WP No.18
Pethe, Abhay and Lalvani, Mala, Fiscal Health Of Maharashtra: A Stock Taking Exercise, WP No. 17
Pethe, Abhay and Lalvani, Mala, A Comparative Study Of Municipal Finances In Maharashtra: Patterns, Problems And Prospects, WP No. 16
Pethe, Abhay and Lalvani, Mala, Towards Economic Empowerment Of ULBS In Maharashtra, WP No. 15
Deshmukh, Atul, Indian Ports - The Current Scenario, WP No. 14

Padawal, Rajan, Issues Of Pricing Urban Water, WP No. 13

Vete, Anay; Karaki Bassam Abu and Hatekar Neeraj, Is Maharashtra Lagging Behind In Total Factor Productivity? An Analysis For 1981-1998, WP No. 12

Vete, Anay, Review Of The Electricity Act 2003, WP No 11 

Pethe, Abhay, and Karnik, Ajit, Infrastructure Finance In The Time Of Revenue Crunch: Exploring New Avenues For Urban Local Bodies, WP No 10 

Pethe, Abhay, Designing A Best Response With A Human Face In The Context Of Paradigm Shift In Macroeconomic Management : A Case For Civil Society Intervention, WP No. 9

Pethe, Abhay and Lalvani, Mala, A Fair Plan Approach For Devolution Under The Twelfth Central Finance Commission: Some Suggestions, WP No. 8

Pethe, Abhay, On Urban Infrastructure Development, WP No. 7

Pethe, Abhay; Singh, Balwant and Wagale Shripad, Capital Account Convertibility, The Unfinished Agenda: Mark 1, WP No.6
Karnik, Ajit; Pethe, Abhay and Karmarkar Dilip, Assessment Of Revenue And Expenditure Patterns In Urban Local Bodies Of Maharashtra, WP No.5

Pethe, Abhay and Lalvani, Mala, On Developing Macro-Diagnostics For Evaluating The Fiscal Health Of the Indian States: The Case Of Madhya Pradesh, WP No. 4

Karnik, Ajit; Pethe, Abhay and Karmarkar Dilip, Developing A Quantitative Framework For Determining Devolution Of Funds From The State Government To Local Bodies, WP No. 3

Pethe, A.M. and Ghodke, Manju, Towards Bank Financing Of Urban Infrastructure, WP No 2

Pethe, A.M. and Ghodke, Manju, From Governments To Market: Funding Urban Infrastructure, WP No. 1

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