National Centre for Nanosciences and Nanotechnology, University of Mumbai (NCNNUM) has undertaken R&D and Training Programmes to meet some of the challenges of nanotechnology development. University of Mumbai will focus on a) R&D in Nanosciences and Nanotechnology leading to industry-ready technology and b) Development of human resources to implement the technology. Read More >>

Prof. Santosh K. Haram, is the Director of NCNNUM, Mumbai.



Academic Programme

News and Events

  1. Tender from reputed vendors for the purchase of outdoor units for air conditioning systems already existing in the center.
  2. Notification for Ph.D. Aptitude Test 2019
  3. Sealed quotations are invited for Outdoor Units
  4. Invitations of Quotations of 20 batteries for 15KVA Delta UPS
  5. Invitations of Quotations of 20 batteries for 15KVA Delta UPS
  6. M.Sc. in Nanosciences and Nanotechnology 2019-20
  7. AMC of AHUs in Nanocentre
  8. Invitations of Quotations for AMC of AC's, Chillers and AHUs
  9. Quotations for purchase of Aluminum Nitride
  10. Invitations of Quotations for purchase of Indium target
  11. Expression of interest for collaborative research
  12. News and upcoming events..
  13. Knows more about us..
  14. Follow us..
  15. Sealed quotations are invited for supply of GaN sputter target
  16. Invitations of Quotations form professional pest control service agencies
  17. Request form for Characterization Techniques
  18. Charges for the instrument (time not exceeding 1 hour)

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