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M. Sc. Nanoscience's and Nanotechnology:


The Masters in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology at the University of Mumbai will achieve desired training and skills by next generation industry for scientists and engineers undertaking research, development and production in nanosciences and nanofabrication. This multidisciplinary programme merging the backgrounds in materials science, physics, chemistry, electronics or life sciences. The duration of this course is two years only.


            Why this Programme:

  • The University of Mumbai is a recognized in many aspects of nanotechnology, with an international reputation in nanoscale research for a variety of applications including energy and environmental, nano/microelectronics, optoelectronics and nano-biotechonology etc.
  • You will have access to the unique state of art cleanrooms available at the NCNNUM (Best among Indian institutions). The NCNNUM have extraordinary facilities meant for nanomaterials preparation, characterization, nanofabrication for applied devices and industrial materials.
  • This MSc caters to an emergent mandate for scientists who can fabricate NEMs and MEMs systems, sensors and actuators, functional materials and its integration into the electronics at the micro and nano scale, flexible nanoscale electronics, energy and environmental aspect such as development of solar cells, batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells, photo-catalyst etc. As a graduate you will also enjoy the basic insights in nanoscience to cultivate new goods using these skills.
  • You will be taught by the team of experts in the field and have access to research seminars given by our international collaborators, who are world leaders in nanoscience.


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Objectives of the Course

  • Develop trained manpower in the field of Nano Science and Nanotechnology with specific emphasis for exploitation of R&D in Nano Science and Nanotechnology as well as its need for changing trends of modern pharmaceutical Industries
  • Amalgamate traditional R&D on Nano Science with advanced cutting-edge technologies for product development and manufacturing
  • Introduce the powerful tools of Nano Science and Nanotechnology for R&D with a rigorous attention to device fabrication
  • Exposure to National & International research in the field of Nano Science and Nanotechnology


P.hD Nanoscience's and Nanotechnology:


NCNNUM conducts P.hD in Nanotechonology. This program is designed for students with the background in science and engineering. This course contains fundamental and applied subjects with the focus on emeging areas in nanoscience and nanotechnology. The specialization in nanotechnology holds a very high potential for employmnet in R&D, academics and industries.




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