Dr. Pravin Walke

Assistant Professor

National Center for Nanosciences and Nanotechnology, University of Mumbai.
Vidyanagri, Sanacruz(E), Mumbai- 400098.

Email:- pravin.w@nano.mu.ac.in





      Walke obtained a PhD from Naples University, Federico-II, Naples, ITALY in collaboration with National Council for Research, CNR-ITALY in 2010 worked on 'nanoscale SQUID devices for high sensitive nanoscale applications' under the supervision of Dr. Carmine Granata. Before joining for a PhD, he worked in CSIR-NCL, Pune under the guidance of eminent scientist Dr. K. Vijayamohanan (2006-2007) followed by South Dakota State University, SD, USA at Advance Centre for Photovoltaics with Prof. Qiquan Qiao (2007). During the postdoctoral training as a prestigious Marie Curie Experienced Researcher with Dr. Ulrike Luders, CNRS-CRISMAT, Caen, FRANCE (2011-12), he developed high K dielectric materials using oxide nanolaminates for capacitive devices. The extensive work was carried out by PLD system for deposition of various multifunctional thin films and their magnetic, electrical properties for devices. He worked as a RA (2012-13) and obtained best RA award in inter-university RMC at Department of Physics, University of Pune on DST-PURSE scheme worked on transmission electron microscopy under the guidance of Prof. S. Gosavi and Prof. S. I. Patil. He has awarded UGC Raman Fellowship for 2015-16 to pursue his postdoctoral training in University of California, Berkeley, USA under the guidance of Prof. R. Ramesh. Since he joined Mumbai University in 2013, he has established research group working on energy nanomaterials, thin films and nano/micro devices in NCNNUM. He published his work in reputed international journals and couple of books. He is a reviewer of several reputed journals. He is a member of various national and international societies.


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