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The Documentation Unit of the Centre has been functioning with a Documentation Assistant and a Library Attendant since October, 1988. These two staff members have been carrying out the following work of the Documentation Unit.

The staff collects information from various libraries like the American Centre Library, Mumbai; Library of the Cultural Centre for Russia, Mumbai J.N.Library and Fort Library of the University of Mumbai and some other academic libraries in Mumbai. All these are collected and preserved in the Documentation Unit of the Centre.

A list of recent additions to the J.N.Library on Soviet/Russian and European Studies is circulated regularly for information to the users of the Centre.

Reference service and current awareness service are provided to the academic staff and students of the Centre on a regular basis. The Centre’s research students use the documentation and Computer facilities extensively. The Centre has a small collection of certain reports and articles which come on day to day basis. And the major book collection by way of purchases by the Centre is preserved in the main library.

The Centre maintains regular clippings of articles on CIS countries from the Economist and Newsweek.

Besides all these, there are some bibliographic publications brought out by the Documentation Assistant, Mrs. Visalakshy Gopalkrishna

They are as follows:

  1. A select Bibliography on Soviet Central Asia. (1986)
  2. A Special Bibliography on Soviet Economy (1987)
  3. A Bibliography on Micro-films on Soviet & East European Studies purchased by the Centre of Soviet Studies. (1988)
  4. A collection of Short Bibliographies on different topics on Soviet & East European Studies. (1998)
  5. A Bibliography on Central Asian Economy (1999)
  6. Corruption in Russia - a bibliography. (By Rama Sampathkumar) (2001)
  7. A Concise Bibliography on Soviet/Russian Women. (2002)
  8. Indo-Russian/Soviet Relations - A Select Bibliography (2003)
  9. A Select Bibliography on Post-Soviet Central Asia. (2004)
  10. Indo-Russian Relations - A Select Bibliography. (2005)

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