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The Centre has been offering 4 papers at M.A.level in combination with other social science discipline such as Economics, Politics, History, Sociology, Geography etc. since the academic year 1985-86. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was felt essential to change the contents of the courses. Hence the need for new syllabus arose. It was decided in 1996-97 to introduce new syllabi. The Centre’s faculty undertook the revision of syllabi which were subsequently, approved by the University authorities. As a result, the students could now offer the following courses at the M.A. level.

- 4 papers combination with their parent discipline department.

- 8 papers independently in Central Eurasian Studies ( to begin from academic year 2006-2007.)

In addition, the students of the Centre have to pass a compulsory auditing course in Russian language for social scientists for which the Centre has introduced special courses, designed by the Russian language Lecturer of the Centre.

Fees Structure


M.A. Rs. Ph.D. Rs.
 Tuition Fees 1000/- 1000/-
 P.G.Registration 800/- 1000/-
 Registration Form 15/- 15/-
 Caution Deposit 10/- 10/-
 Library Fees 200/- 400/-
 Sudent's Union 10/- 10/-
 E-Charges 20/- 20/-
 Disaster Fee 10/- 10/-
 Gymkhana Fee 125/- 125/-
 Cultural Activities 6/- 6/-
 Sports & cultural    Activites 10/- 10/-
 Group Insurance  Fee 20/- 20/-

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