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The Centre offers in Central Eurasian Studies, primarily to do research at doctoral level on the former Soviet Union and Russia. In the past few years, twelve students have been awarded Ph.D. under supervision by teachers in the Centre.




Mr. Motalebi Mansoor

Iran in the Soviet Scheme

Dr. A.G.Modak

Ms. Navasikha Duara

"Problems of Soviet Nationalities"


Mr. Hani Akho Rashida

Doctor of Philosophy
"Soviet Arab Relations: critical study In Iraq Soviet Relations (1968-1991)

Dr. P.L. Dash

Smt. Uttara Sahasrabuddhe

Doctor  of  Philosophy
"Soviet-Indian Relations under Ms. Indira Gandhi

Dr. A. Modak

Mr. Basel  Shebli Yacoob B.M.

Doctor  of  Philosophy
"Crime in Post-Soviet Russia"

Dr. P.L Dash

Mr. Clifton  Ivan Olympio Marques

" Doctor  of  Philosophy
Post-Soviet Central Asia: Strateig Challenges and security implications"


Dr. P. L. Dash

Mr. Perumal Koshy

Doctor  of  Philosophy "Economic & Political implication in the Developments of Post Soviet Russia"


Smt. Rama Sampath Kumar

" The ConsumerGoods industry USSR -1965-85


Dr. R.G.Gidhadubli


Mr. Mohammad Firouzian Haji

Doctor  of  Philosophy

"Iran and Russia in the changing International Context (1979-1997)

Dr. P. L. Dash

Mr. Ali Ahmad Abu Roman,

Doctor  of  Philosophy

" United States in Post-Soviet Central Asia"

Dr. P. L. Dash

Mr. Muddather Jameel Meshhen Abu Karaki

Doctor  of  Philosophy"
Central Asia between Soviet syndrome and International Rivalries"

Dr. P. L. Dash

Mr. Sachin P. Patil                             

"Dynamics of transformation: Political and Social Process in Post- Soviet Russia"

Dr. (Mrs.) V. Mohan

This year one student – Mr.Mamamed Elmahadi Elkhalil Mohamoud has submitted his thesis under the guidance of Dr. P.L.Dash, and Viva-voce is awaited.

At present the following students are registered for Ph.D in the Centre:

       Name                                           Topics

       1. Mr.A.K.Jha                                 ‘US-Soviet Relations under Gorbachev’

                                                           Guide: Dr.P.L. Dash

       2. Mr.Khan Liyaqat Ayub                 ‘Russia’s Security Concerns: A case Study
                                                           of Perceptions & Practice in the Russian Southern Fringe’.

                                                           Guide: Dr.P.L. Dash

       3. Mr. Dawood Pejmanpour             'Soviet Foreign Policy under Gorbachev-A case
                                                           study of US-Soviet Relations'

                                                           Guide: Dr. P.L. Dash

       4. Mr. Dattaram B. Dhopate             'Stategic & Geopolitical Importance of Indo-
                                                           Russia relations in Post-disintegration Era'

                                                           Guide : Dr.(Mrs.)V. Mohan


The Centre’s academic staff members are engaged in carrying out research on Nationalities issues in Russia and in the CIS, Russia's new foreign policy trends, and development of democracy as an institution in Russia and other CIS countries. They also concentrate on bilateral issues of economic relations, energy security and a host of other issues.

The faculty members have published many books and monographs. ( Please refer to list of individual publications). The Centre brings out occasional papers on various themes from time to time. The Centre had started on a regular basis to bring out Newsletter and it has a limited private circulation to interested institutions and individuals.

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