Vision Statement

To enable a Revolution in Nano-sciences and Nano-technology;
to develop New Products, Processes and Services in Partnerships
with Industry, Institutions, Government, and Society at large;
and to be one of the World Leaders with commitment to
Responsible Care and Sustainable Development.

The National Centre for Nanosciences and Nanotechnology, University of Mumbai (NCNNUM) has undertaken R&D and Training Programmes to meet some of the challenges of nanotechnology development. University of Mumbai will focus on
a) R&D in Nanosciences and Nanotechnology leading to industry-ready technology and
b) Development of human resources to implement the technology.

The Centre for Nano-sciences and Nanotechnology will:

  1. Endeavour to attain a position of leadership among the top few centers in the world, by recruiting top most scientists, engineers and technologists, with trans-disciplinary infusion of ideas; and attract student body from all over the country and overseas.
  2. Promote excellence by undertaking research of international caliber and national relevance in collaboration with industry by establishing an Innovation Park; increased collaboration and partnership with other national and international institutions and universities, which will have bearing on quality of life and sustenance of growth of industry.
  3. Advise/ assist industry, government and society towards a sustainable pattern of consumption and production with advent of nano-sciences and technology,
  4. Impart relevant education, research and innovation in nano-sciences and nanotechnology, with inputs from faculty attached to other University Departments, Institutes and Colleges with expertise in basic and applied sciences and technology in service to the Indian nation,
  5. Frame a more diversified, complete and flexible curriculum with more fully developed co-curricular activities; develop modular and web-based courses at diploma, degree and post graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral level, incorporating social justice.

The total cost of the project for the Centre for Nano-science and Nanotechnology was estimated at Rs.100.00 crores. The Centre will house sophisticated equipment worth Rs. 70 crores for Nano-synthesis and Nano-characterization. Non-recurring expenditure for building, infrastructure, etc. is estimated at Rs. 15 crores. Recurring expenditure for faculty, staff, fellows, consumables, etc shall be Rs.15 crores for 3 years.

It is thought that Nanotechnology will impact significantly the industries related to Energy, Health-care, Chemical & Materials (Materials Science) and Electronics. UoM has decided to focus on Materials Science for industrial applications as its thurst area. In the next Five Years, UoM will focus on

  1. R&D in Nano-sciences and Nanotechnology, with thrust area of Materials Science leading to industry-ready technology and
  2. Development of human resources to implement the technology

The Programmes planned are:

  1. Catalyzing University for increased R&D output
  2. Innovation Park for industries,
  3. Nanotechnology Education initiative
  4. Green Nanotechnology

There will be strong links with industry through Innovation Park programme where faculty members would partner with industries for innovations. In the next five years the Centre has targeted to produce 100 PhDs, 120 MSc students, 60 M Tech students in the field of Nanotechnology, in next five years. We also have targeted to get about 50 projects from industry in the next five years. The Programme also includes development of Social Sciences and other departments. The estimated cost of Rs.100.00 crores for the next five years, have been budgeted for the proposed programmes

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