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Ratnagiri Campus Ratnagiri Campus (Mumbai University)

Architect’s vision:

Zoning – hierarchy of spaces:
The spatial development of the Campus reflects a subtle distinction between civic and private zones so as to respect the need and dignity of each space and allow a smooth transition from public to more intimate space.

Public Zone :
Administration and auditorium are near to the entrance for ease in accessibility to allow easy circulation in rest of the site, avoiding any disturbances to private zone.

Private Zone :
The student’s residential areas are away from the entrance and public areas as per the need of individual public/private zones.

Genesis of the Campus design :

  • Response to the obvious.
  • Response to the environment.
  • Response to the subtle, invisible systems.
Master Layout

Expression :

  • The relation between the physical requirement and the site conditions have given rise to the circulation pattern as indicated.
  • The campus is spreaded primarily over ground surface and creates ease of movements of disables as well.
  • Administrative, academic and residential zones are segregated and at the some time are integrated through open/semi-open spaces.
  • Low-rise with high-density was a prime consideration during design development of the learning –living zones of the campus. This concept was supported by the M.I.D.C. bye-laws and air funnel restrictions.
  • Hierarchy in the residential system is subtly maintained to avoid any obvious variations in the cluster and building forms.
  • The circulation, governing of natural light, use of technically advanced and local material, built – unbuilt spaces lead to the synthesis of majesty and simplicity, contemporary and traditional trends.


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