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A Seminar hall and a lecture room are available for conducting our programmes.  They are provided with ergonomic chairs for comfortable sitting for the teachers.  Air conditioners are provided for improving the comfort levels.  Interior decor is designed innovatively to improve the ambience and aesthetics.  Both the rooms are equipped with modern teaching aids like Handy cam, Direct project, Overhead projector and LCD projector along with PA system.


UGC HRDC Computer lab

UGC is giving a big thrust for making teachers computer literate and focus on the use of Computers as a teaching aid and also to familiarize them with the use of various tools to create e-content. For meeting the above objective a state of the art Computer Lab with a server networked to 30 client machines has been set up.   This Computer Lab is aesthetically designed and furnished with innovatively designed furniture that enables us to optimally utilize the available space.  It is also provided with ergonomic chairs considering the nature of work on the computers.

The computers can run on both Linux and Windows platforms which is the unique feature of this laboratory. This enables the participants to obtain hands on experience on both the operating systems.  All important softwares required for training are available.  All the computers in this lab have 24x7 good internet connectivity.  Wifi facility is also available on the campus of Mumbai University.

Various application softwares are also made available to have two streams of training one focusing on Computer Application Training and the other on Computer Aided Teaching. In order to familiarize the teachers with cutting edge technologies that are now available to aid teaching, a three day module on e - content development is made mandatory in our Orientation Programmes which is very popular with the teacher participants. This module on e-content development covers topics like: What is E-Learning, Content Development, Image processing, Understanding Animations, Audio and Video Processing which includes video capture, recording and editing and finally the techniques of integrating the content developed in different platforms and deploying the same as a concise capsule. This module makes use of all the multimedia tools such as handycam, audio recorder, etc.

A few sessions during the refresher courses are devoted to familiarizing the teacher participants with the application of computers to their discipline and the immense knowledge resources that are available on the World Wide Web. They are familiarized to use the facilities like electronic review journals and research journals in various disciplines.  They are also given hands on training on the various open source softwares useful for their research and teaching.




EDUSAT equipment has been installed for the benefits of teacher participants of our programme and thereby our UGC HRDC has become a part of the network enabling our institution to exchange quality knowledge with various locations.



UGC HRDC has a library with titles which cover areas of general interest and also socially relevant issues.  We also have few journals and magazines.  We have procured Kindles to download the required titles from the web and store them as e-books for the benefit of teacher participants.




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