No. Elg / Cir / (39) / 561 / 2008





            Principals of the affiliated colleges/ Directors of the recognized Institutions/ Heads of the University Departments are hereby informed by the direction of the Vice-Chacellor that from the academic year 2008-09 the Eligibility forms will be distributed by the Colleges /Institutes/Departments and the same will be submitted in the Colleges/ Institutions/ Departments.  The students will submit the Eligibility forms along with necessary documents and Eligibility fees. (Rs.220/-, Rs.320/- and Rs.750/- as the case may be).  Necessary instructions/guidelines in this regard are enclosed herewith for guidance and information of the Colleges/ Institutions and Departments.  The colleges/ Institutions will be paid Rs.20/- as service charge for submission of each form.


            The colleges/Institutions are requested to deduct Rs.20/- per form at the time of submission of forms to the University and send remaining fees of Rs.200/-, Rs.300/- and Rs.730/- per student to the Eligibility Section, University of Mumbai.  A consolidated Demand Draft in Favour of the Finance & Accounts Officer, University of Mumbai should be sent alongwith forwarding letter Format A, Eligibility forms and CD.          


            They are requested to send their representative to collect the eligibility forms from the Eligibility Section, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Bhavan, Vidyanagari, Santacruz (E), Mumbai, as per their requirements and start distribution and submission of the Eligibility forms.


            After acceptance of the Eligibility Forms from the students, the Excel Workbook may also be sent alongwith the forms on a CD as per the enclosed formats with separate worksheet for students paying Rs. 200/-, Rs.300/- and Rs.730/- to the Eligibility Section, University of Mumbai Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Bhavan, Vidyanagari, Kalina, Mumbai.


            In case of any clarification, please contact Assistant Registrar or Deputy Registrar, Eligibility & Migration Section on the following Telephone Numbers:


            (Deputy  Registrar No: 26540013)

            (Assistant Registrar No. 26526040)



Date : 22nd May, 2008



Encl:    1.   Important Instructions for students

2.      Important Instructions for Colleges

3.  Sets of Eligibility Forms

4.      Format for submission of Eligibility forms.