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Department Library

Room No. 253, II Floor, Ranade bhavan, Kalina Campus, Mumbai 400 098

The Library of the Department of Mathematics has more than eight thousand books on various branches of Pure Mathematics. It currently subscribes to more than twenty international journals on Pure Mathematics. This library is generously funded by the National Board of Higher Mathematics-a unit of the Department of Atomic Energy.

List of journals under subscription by the Department Library - 2012:

  1. Annals of Mathematics

  2. American Journal of Mathematics

  3. ARS Combinatoria

  4. Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society

  5. Combinatorica

  6. Communication in Algebra

  7. Differential Geometry & its Applications

  8. Discrete Mathematics

  9. Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics

  10. International Journal of Number Theory

  11. Journal of Algebra

  12. Journal of Combinatorial Design (Recd. Alongwith Journal of Graph theory)

  13. Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing

  14. Journal of Combinatorial theory A

  15. Journal of Combinatorial theory B

  16. Journal of Differential Geometry

  17. Journal of Functional Analysis

  18. Journal of Graph Theory

  19. Journal of the American Mathematical society

  20. Mathematical Intelligencer

  21. Mathematical Magazine

  22. Notices of the American Mathematical Society

  23. Pacific Journal of Mathematics

  24. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society

  25. Transactions of American Mathematical society

The list of mathematical magazines under subscription by the Department Library:

  1. The Mathematical Intelligencer
  2. Mathematics Magazine
  3. The Mathematics Gazette

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