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2.1. Infrastructure:
Over the years the Department has developed a modest academic infrastructure comprising of M.Sc. laboratories and several common research facilities. They include facilities for Plant Tissue Culture, Animal Cell Culture, and Microbial Culture, an X-ray generator for Biophysics, Sonicator, Chemostat, BOD Incubators, Plant Growth Chambers, High-speed Centrifuges, Spectrophotometers, Ultra low Freezer, Lypiliser, Spectroflurimeter, Gel Documentation Unit, etc. A Green House has also been developed to grow plants in controlled conditions. In addition, individual Faculty Members have developed fairly self-sufficient laboratories that could cater to research in areas such as Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Environmental Biotechnology and Plant and Animal Sciences. A Common Instrument Facility is already in place. Besides, facilities such as Bioinformatics Laboratory, Radioisotope Laboratory and a separate Animal House are being developed.

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