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Special and Individual Collections

The library possesses more than 1,190 manuscripts. in Arabic, Persian and Urdu and about 7,418 in Sanskrit and allied languages.

A descriptive catalogue of the Arabic, Persian and Urdu manuscripts in the library compiled by Khan Bahadur Abdul Kadir-e-Sarfaraz was published in 1935. This collection contains manuscripts on the Islamic theology, logic metaphysics, Sufism, history, biography, literature, lexicography, astrology and astronomy, medicine, archery, falconry, Dakhni language and Zoroastrianism. There are also translations of Sanskrit works.

The second collection of the Arabic, Persian and Urdu manuscripts. which contains some valuable manuscripts. in Dakhni Urdu belonged to the alte Maulvi Muhammad Yusuf Khatkhatay of Bombay. This collection was brought to the notice of the University by Professor A. A. A. Fayzee and it was purchased for the library from the heirs of the late Maulvi Saheb. A catalogue of this collection is under preparation.

A valuable collection of 160 Arabic manuscripts. was donated by Professor Fayzee in 1962. These deal with law, history, theology and philosophy of Mustalian Ismailis, popularly known as Daudi and Sulaymani Bohras. This collection has a special significance because it makes available to scholars and research workers material which was deemed to be highly secret and not allowed to be in the hands of non-sectarians. Some of the unique items in this collection are :
"Kitabul Islam" and Alamun-nubuwa", two important works of the first Ismaili author, Abu Hatik ar-Razi; most of the works of Fatimid period; some of the works of Mu'ayyad fid-din ash-Shirazi, another famous writer of the Fatimid period. A descriptive catalogue of this collection compiled by Professor Muizz Goriawala was published in 1965.

Over the years the Library has acquired many prominent special collections e.g.

1.Diaries, Personal Records of old Bombay families - Sir Jamshedjee Jeejeebhoy the   first Baronet ranging from 1826-1876 and Serene Maneckjee Cursetjee (1857-1939).

2.Newspaper clippings mostly in Marathi from Ashana Irabatti collection.

3.Newspaper clippings, from Baburao Patel Collection - 750 files on social and political conditions in the 1950's and 1960's.

 4.Lokhitawadi Collection - 12,000 books and back volumes of journals in Marathi,  English, Hindi.

5. Art collections: Books on art Presented by Ms.P.F. Pavari.

6 . Letters - 342 letters of lokhitawadi presented by Dr. Indumati Parikh.

7. Manuscripts- 7500 Sanskrit manuscripts, 1376 Persian, Urdu and Arabic manuscripts  (Fyzee,Khatkhate, Hamadani Collections).

People have donated their entire collections to the University.

1. A.K. Priolkar Collection : Sanskrit, Marathi, English and Portuguese books.
2. Patkar Collection - Law books.
3. M.M.P.Y.Kane Collection - Books on Law, Sanskrit. 
4. Dr. B. Ambedkar Collection - Books, Newspapers, letters. 
5. Collection of material on Mumbai (Bombay)-Special collection of rare books on the city.

Total  Collections

  • Books                                       7,51,837

  • Textbooks                                    14,904

  • Reference Books                          11,168

  • Book Titles                                6,99,208

  • Competitive Exam. Books                  428

  • Current Journals                               631
            Indian Journals                   270
            Foreign Journals                  361

  • Back Volumes of Journals              75,344

  • E- resources      
    CDs /DVDs                               2,074
    Databases                                      5
    Online Journals                          4,453

  • Theses                                           20228

  • Manuscripts                                     9,900

  • Special Collection
    UNO Repository Centre             12,280
    World Bank Repository              30,104

  • Braille materials
    Books in Braille scripts are available University Club House, Churchgate.
    There is a Robotron machine which reads English language books in Braille Scripts.


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